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The IceFighter Instructions

The Icefighter Instructions

Hello sports fan... far you went to the stadium or perched in front of your TV or radio to follow the ice hockey games of your team? And how often have you then fretted about the twerps on the ice rink and thought "if I were coach ..."?
Those days are over now! Get down to business and into some action! Let the ice burn and show the ice lollies where the puck belongs!

There, now you know what IceFighter is all about: manage your own team and lead it to success!

These Instructions will help you do it.

So check things out a bit and read the instructions when you get stuck. In this manual you will find the most important information for each and any of the IceFighter menu items.

If you have more general questions, you will probably find the answer in the FAQs - or simply ask the questions in the forum. There you can compare notes with others and get valuable tips.

Now it's your turn! You have to register - which is free - and then you can begin putting together your team. You have to lead them through some hard training, you have to manage everything all around - and you will guide your team from victory to victory!
Have fun - and success! Best wishes…
...Your Icefighter team

1. Registration

2. Home

3. Team
» 3.1 Overview
» 3.2 Training
» 3.3 Training Camp
» 3.4 Formation
» 3.5 Strategy
» 3.6 Statistics

4. Manager
» 4.1 Office
» 4.1.1 Transfer Market
» 4.1.2 Sponsors
» 4.1.3 Betting
» 4.1.4 Bank
» 4.2 Stock Exchange
» 4.3 Auction
» 4.4 Stadium
» 4.5 Assistants
» 4.6 Merchandising
» 4.7 Trophy Cabinet

5. Results
» 5.1 Chart
» 5.2 Game Days
» 5.3 1-to-1 Fights
» 5.4 Clan

6. WorldCup
» 6.1 Qualifications
» 6.2 Game Days
» 6.3 World Rankings

7. Settings

8. Live Match

9. General Information
» 9.1 Compatibility
» 9.2 Schedule
» 9.3 The League System
» 9.4 Distribution of Motivation Points
» 9.5 End of Season
» 9.6 Evaluation: Appreciation/Depreciation
» 9.7 Player Values
» 9.8 Loss in Value
» 9.9 Premium Membership

1. Registration

The first step is, as with all online games, the application / registration. For this, you enter your personal e-mail address and - twice - your password. You are allowed to open several accounts with Icefighter, so the e-mail address can therefore be pure fantasy.

Important: The terms and conditions must be accepted. Simply check the box and that's it. Then enter your details and the application / registration is complete.

2. Home

"Home" is where you arrive after each login.
Here you will find an overview of your general team information, your last games, your next game, your last event, etc.

Want to subscribe?
Here you will find many useful features such as a 100% license guarantee or automatic alerts via text message. Just click on the icon "Become a Premium Member". A new window opens where you can choose how to pay for it; via credit card, direct debit and money transfer. Click Next, and pick a membership of 6 or 12 months. Enter the requested data, confirm again with Next and then you have all the opportunities.

Please take notice that when paying via money transfer you will only become a premium member once the money is received.

Want to cancel your subscription?
Your membership is automatically renewed. If you don't want that send a termination letter to xxxxxxx at least a fortnight before your membership ends and include your team and account information.

At the bottom a ticker informs you of upcoming IF-events, important changes, etc. And after a thrilling game with a little luck maybe you will even find yourself mentioned in the IF newspaper New Journal, where every player can admire your logo after login ...


» 3.1 Overview

In the overview all players of your squad and their values are displayed in a well-arranged chart.

For details of a player, just click on his name. His most important data then appears above the chart:

PS (the player's position):
Goalkeeper (G), Defense (D), Center (C), Rightwing (RW), Leftwing (LW)

Block in which the player is put (block):
A to E

Age (Al):

Playing strength (St):

Condition, shape (Ko):
Max. 100

Form (For):
Max. 30

Freshness (Fr):
Max. 100

Motivation (Mo):
no limit

Usage value (EW):
see general information

Contract period (Vt.Lfzt):
1-4 seasons

Current status (status):
injured, banned, ok

If you click on one of the abbreviations, you can then arrange the players in either ascending or descending order. If you choose a player to view his details, you can then do the following with him:

Motivate players
Give your player a full dose of motivation so that in your next match he gives his very best! Click the button "Motivate all players" at the bottom of the page and you can then motivate all your players at once, which saves a lot of work.
All players with a motivation of less than 100 will then be put to 100, those with more than 100 will be put to 120 (which is the maximum motivation value).

Vertrag verlängern
If your player's contract expires, he is quickly gone. So take care to renew his contract in time. This will cost you a small sum of money, but this is nothing compared to the price of a new player.
Here again you have the option to extend the contracts of all your players at once via the button "Extend all contracts". Otherwise it may well be that you are quickly all alone in your stadium ...

When you take out a life insurance policy (in the menu item manager, assistants), the contracts of all your players get automatically extended by 1 year as well.
In general, each player has a contract period of 2 seasons.

Remember: If a player on the 28th of a month (end of season) only has a contract period of 1 season left, he will be deleted!

Change the name
In reality you can almost exclusively only do it via the witness protection program - but in this game IceFighter it is easily done - you can the change the player's name.
Check his current name, edit it and then click "Modify". This option is for Premium members only, though.

Player Portrait
Give your player a face! By clicking on the gray box you will be taken to a window where you can upload a picture for your player. This option again is reserved for premium members only.

» 3.2 Training

Here you can show your true talent as a coach and prepare your team for victory. But remember: If your training is too hard, your players will wear dark circles around their eyes instead of skates in your next match! If your training is too soft, your players get fat and lazy. The right tactics is the key: Find the best tactics in order to get a grip on the success of your team. For this you must find out how the various team trainings affect the values of your players. In the menu item team values the usage values of your players (see general information) are displayed, combined in each area. In addition to the team's training you can also have a private training and conduct a block training.

Team training
These training settings are for your entire team. They are valid for the next game day of the season.

Individual Training
In addition to team practice, you can also arrange individual training. Here you can set workouts for 4 players and thus increase their values and the chances of your whole team to win.

Block Training
This, too, is an additional training, where you can decide whether two of your blocks have to train in offensive and defensive tactics, or for superior number or short-handed games. You can train both blocks separately. To save your training, please click on "Apply changes" at the bottom right.

Bear in mind:
The training takes place daily at 12:15. You have to readjust it every day, because after it expires it is deleted. The training is customized for each team!

Tip: Make sure you have a co-trainer (10 mill.) (see menu item manager, assistants). Then you don't need to have your training program changed every day!

As a Premium Member, your physiotherapist doubles the training values!

» 3.3 Training Camp

Your players want a change of scenery? Send them to a training camp!

Here you can set up a 6 days special training plan for your team. This training will have an effect on your whole team! The entrance fee is 5 million bucks. What makes this training camp special is that your team can take part in all games that take place during your stay.

Training times are as follows:

- Morning session: 10.15am
- Afternoon training: 03.15pm

After the 6 days are over you can send your players - if required - to training camp again.

In training camp you can award various bonuses and benefits to your players! You can see these bonuses as a kind of motivation. That way you can prevent your players from collapsing with exhaustion in the cabin after the game. Instead they will now still have enough energy for more games. This whole thing makes itself felt by the deductions after the game: the higher the bonus, the lower the deduction for a player.

There are 3 types of bonuses:

Scoring bonus: a reward for goals scored. Will be awarded to your scorers.

Fairness bonus: a reward for fair play behavior. Will be awarded to players on your team who have received no penalty.

Ice age bonus: A reward for the presence at a game. Will be awarded to all players of the blocks that were set up.
Nature and amount of the bonus you can determine yourself.

Only the labeling of the workouts is similar to that for the team training. The impact, however, is different! The bonuses and the training camp you can set up only once during the 6 day stay. Afterwards they can't be changed.

The values of the training camp are equal for all teams:

Training Camp Ko. Fo. Fr
Duel + 4 + 2 0
Sparkle + 4 + 3 + 5
Sprint + 3 + 2 + 1
Scoring + 2 + 2 + 2
Training game + 4 + 2-4
Forest Run + 6 + 2 + 1
Standard situations + 3 + 2 + 2
Bodybuilding + 2 + 2 + 1
Low shaping + 5 + 1 + 1
High shaping + 8 0 0
Brutal shaping + 9 - 1 - 3
Puck techniques + 1 + 4 + 3
Regeneration + 1 + 0 + 6
Free + 3 + 1 + 8

» 3.4 Formation

Here it's for you to decide - who from your team will how join the match, that is.

Each block must consist of 5 players, otherwise the block can't be deployed! Therefore you have to carefully check your activated blocks again before a game for safety's sake, because if, for example, one of your players gets injured, his block is not complete anymore and so is barred!

Assign players to a block
Choose a player from either the defense or the forward pool (players with gray letters have already been assigned to a block). To the right you can see a short profile with the most important data. Now you can decide to which block you want to assign him to. Just select the desired block below by clicking on the respective radio button. Now just click "Yes, I want to!". The first player has now been assigned. The next one, please ...

Activate blocks
In the right pane next to the listing of the blocks you can, by clicking the check boxes, assemble as many blocks as you want. In the menu item Saved formations you can save your selection by clicking on the button "Save formation".

Select goalkeeper
The goalkeeper you can select separately via "Select the goalkeeper" - assuming you have at least 2 of them.

Formation for several games
You can save the formation for the next game - or for several days in advance! And you can do this for each league, WorldCup, clan and 1-to-1 match. How do you do that? As soon as you have saved the first formation, you'll find it again automatically under the saved formations as Bank1. You can now also add other formations by again setting up blocks, activating them and saving them by selecting an empty memory bank and clicking on "Save formation". You have up to 4 different memory banks to create, so that you don't have to always use the same formation in different games. To change a formation, select it and click on "Load formation". Now you click on "Assign formation" below "Assign formation for game - preview". There you will see your next league games, and can now assign each of the memory banks 1-4 to them. Click on "Save formation" to save it all. To make assignments in WorldCup, clan, or 1-to-1 games, simply click on the desired game type above and then follow the instructions for the league games.


Your formation must be completed at least 10 minutes before the first bully, otherwise your team is not a formation, but rather a "wild bunch" on the ice. As soon as the game has started, the button for the game at the far right in the menu bar is activated and the menu item formation is disabled. The first block, which starts the game, is Block A. It is useful to establish several blocks, because they quickly lose EW (usage value) during the game (see general information). The type of player that you set up within your blocks determines whether there will be offensive or defensive behavior of each block on the ice. Therefore, the colored markers (pink -> defensive, green -> forward). Through the use of the various blocks during the game you determine your game tactics. Purely offensive blocks, however, have virtually no positive effect on your game. Therefore you should achieve a good mix of offensive and defensive players within your blocks.

Value deduction
To use a block already established in the game, you have to activate it again. Each activated block gets value deductions after the game, regardless of whether it was used in the game or not. The amount of your value deductions in the league and the world cup depend on your strategy and the course of the game play and can really hurt your team. (Max. -5 form -5 shape -50 freshness). In the clan and 1-to-1 games, however, you can plan with fixed deductions in the amounts of -1 form -1 shape -10 freshness.

A block should consist of a 2-3-combination, i.e. of 2 offensives and 3 defensives, or the other way round. Anything else will, with high probability, lead to failure.

» 3.5 Strategy

By using different strategies you can influence the success of your team decisively. Each strategic option has different effects on your team. For example doping: of course your players are more powerful if you charge them up with amphetamines, but they also run the risk of getting caught by the team doctor and thus be barred from the game action. The higher the doping value, the more powerful your team, but the higher also the risk of getting caught. But on the other hand you can minimize this risk by pushing up the fair play. The combination of different options thus leads to totally different results. All in all, there are up to 100 possible combinations.

The strategies are divided into 2 groups:

Internal factors - they affect your team directly

By internal factors you can directly influence your team and its values, such as the EW (usage value).

These include:

Fighting spirit
The higher you push the fighting spirit, the further your team value climbs. But at the same time the risk of collecting penalties also increases. So remember: a team whose players are all sitting on the penalty bench does not necessarily have the best chances of winning ...

Fair Play
The higher you set fair play, the lower is the likelihood that your players are suspended for the next game day. A fair way of playing also decreases the aggressiveness of your team, however.

Game tactics
The higher you set the value of game tactics, the more aggressively your players behave towards their opponents. If you decrease this value, the defensive play behavior of your team increases and there's more stone-walling.

Body use
The higher the body use is pushed, the better your team value. This, however, increases the risk of injuries as well.

External factors - they affect your team only indirectly

By external factors, your team will be affected only indirectly. You can only regulate the degree of the impact on your team.

These include:

Audience influence
Here you can determine how much your audience will influence your team. In a home game (your name is up front) it would certainly be wise to put the impact on maximum, since there are probably lots of fans present, cheering on your team. Audience influence therefore will probably increase the motivation of your players. In an away game, however, most of the spectators will cheer for the other side. Here you should minimize the audience influence. The audience influence, BTW, has no impact on your stadium revenue.

Ice rink
The sensitivity is the sensitivity of your player to the ice surface. Is your ice as smooth as glass, it is a wise decision to heighten the sensitivity of your team. If, however, your players respond sensitive to a mogul slope, things can really go wrong. So take care that the sensitivity of the team is adjusted to the state of your ice rink.

The higher the doping value, the more powerful your team is, but the higher, on the other hand, is also the risk of getting caught and be suspended for the next few game days.

The higher the influence of the cheerleaders, the hotter they introduce themselves to your audience, and the more spectators you will get. But beware: this also increases the risk that the wives of your viewers - probably mostly male - get wind of the hotties and ban their husbands from coming to the stadium!

Be careful with your settings! The amount of your value deductions in the league and in the World Cup depends on your strategy and the course of the game and can really hurt your team. (Max. -5 form -5 shape -50 freshness). In the clan and 1-to-1 games, however, you can plan with fixed deductions in the amounts of -1 form -1 shape -10 freshness.

» 3.6 Statistics

Facts and figures - and lots of them, in the statistics.

Player Statistics
Get an overview of the performance of your individual players. Here you can find, for every one of your players, scores, bullies, games and penalty minutes.

League Statistics
The league position for the respective game days provides information about an improvement or deterioration of your team. Knowing this, you can bring your team forward well-directed or go against something systematically.

Team Statistics
Look at the ratio of the number of your players to the number of goals scored. When have you been better, when worse?

Account Statistics
Watch over the course of your account balance.

Note: The statistics are only available for Premium Members.

4. Manager

» 4.1 Office

You have enough of your left wing or need a new center? You've come to the right place! Depending on your financial options, in the transfer market you can buy everything (or rather everyone) you see.

» 4.1.1 Transfer Market

Du kannst Deinen Left Wing nicht mehr sehen oder brauchst einen neuen Center? Dann bist Du hier an der richtigen Adresse! Je nach Deinen finanziellen Möglichkeiten, kannst Du auf dem Transfermarkt alles kaufen, was Dir in die Quere kommt.

To buy a player, first select the menu item transfer market and click on the "Buy player". Via the player search mask you can refine your search for a new player. As search results, all players will be displayed who are available for sale and fulfill your criteria. Additionally their positions (Ps), age (Al), strength (St) and of course their costs are displayed. To buy one or more players check the appropriate boxes. In the menu item transfer, the number of players selected will now be displayed. Number correct? Then click on "Buy". In the list of players for purchase you'll see them again. Do you want to confirm your selection? Then start the transfer by clicking on "Buy". You want to change your selection? Then click on "Cancel" and start again from scratch. Of course, you can also sell all of your players. With the following exceptions: suspended players and injured players can't be sold. Only afterwards you have the option to get rid of them.

To sell a player you go to the transfer market and click on "Sell players". All your players are displayed with their respective positions (Ps), age (Al), strength (St) and salary. To sell one or more players check the appropriate boxes. In the menu item transfer, the number of players selected will now be displayed. Number correct? Then click on "Sell". In the list of players for sale you'll see them again. Do you want to confirm your selection? Then start the transfer by clicking on "Sell". You want to change your selection? Then click on "Cancel" and start again from scratch.


* You need at least 10 players
* There is a maximum of 60 players available (for premium members max 75 players are available)
* It's not possible to sell youth players only 16 or 17 years old
* It's not possible to sell players with a strength of 8 upwards when they are younger than 29 years
* You need at least 1 goalkeeper
* You can have max. 1 player with a strength of 10 or 12 in your squad
* If you already have a player with a strength of 10, no player with 9 can be upgraded to 12
* You can buy a maximum of 25 players with a strength of 8

» 4.1.2 Sponsors

Your team needs a sponsor? Then you are at the right place! Here you can negotiate with sponsors. But do it in time, because otherwise every sponsor will eventually lose interest. As soon as the agreement with a sponsor is concluded, 500,000 bucks get credited to your account. To negotiate with a sponsor, first select the menu item sponsor. Now select the sponsor who fits your team best and click on "Next". Now you can select a secondary sponsor as well and conclude the agreement by clicking on "Next". Then you only have to confirm the agreement(s) by clicking on "Finish" and you are 500,000 bucks richer immediately.

» 4.1.3 Betting

Wanna bet? Of course!
Here you have the chance to win 5 million bucks! But remember: you can only bet on the victory of your team! You win, you get 5 million bucks, you lose, you go away empty-handed.

To place a bet, first select betting from the menu. Note the following general information:

1. Your text message is taken into account only until the end of the 2nd third of the match.
2. When the 3rd third begins, no bets are accepted anymore.
3. The dividend will be paid out immediately after the calculations following the game.

» 4.1.4 Bank

Broke? Then quickly, off you go to the bank!

Here you have several options to supplement your finances:

Book immediately (direct debit and credit card)
First select the payment method. You can choose between direct debit via credit card and direct debit directly from your account by electronic direct debiting scheme. Then choose the amount of money you want to invest for bucks. Afterwards you have to enter the details for your credit card or bank account, which you will then have to confirm.

Here all the bucks arrive that you paid in via banking.
Only the bucks won by text message betting will not be credited to your savings account.

Premium members receive 12 million bucks in their savings account every month!

» 4.2 Stock exchange

At the IceFighter stock exchange you can buy or sell shares and manage your portfolio.
When you call this up the current stock market chart of your team and your shares portfolio will be displayed. In the portfolio you'll find a listing of your shares and other information.

The share price is influenced by several factors:

* Stadium
* Match results of the current season
* Account balance
* Bankbook balance
* Clicks on the sponsor
* Assistants
* Player qualities
* Merchandising
* Manager activity (logins etc.)
* and other things more

Factors such as bad players, too many defeats, too little sold merchandise, respectively too many items in stock etc., lead to a fall in share prices.
The market price will be calculated 3 times daily. Every day at 8 o'clock in the morning and at 2 and 7 p.m. In order not to cause excessive fluctuations, the share price can only rise or fall max. 5 points per calculation.

Buy/sell shares
You want to buy or sell shares? Then select "Buy shares" or "Sell shares" and then a team whose shares you want to buy or sell. Note the data and the current stock market chart before buying/selling! Have you found a team whose shares you wish to buy/sell? Then click "Next". Now you can calculate the number of shares (in steps of 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 50,000 or 100,000), and total costs and revenues of the shares you want to buy/sell. Increase or decrease the amount with the corresponding arrows. Selection finished? Then confirm with "Next". Now the shares earmarked for purchase/sale will be displayed again. Made the wrong decision after all? You can still go back by clicking "Cancel". Otherwise, you can now start the transaction by clicking on "Buy" or "Offer" (for sale). Each transaction is subject to a 10% service fee of the total.

Note: Your stock price is calculated for the first time only 10 days after your registration, and only then you can buy and sell shares.

» 4.3 Auction

Every day you have the opportunity to make bids for items between 10.00 a.m. und 22.59.

Please note that the bucks will immediately be deducted in our auction system the moment you make your bid, no matter whether you bought the item or. Buy It Now purchases can only be made with bankbook bucks.

So please don't be surprised when the bucks are gone even if you didn't get the item at the auction. The link to the auction can be found in the navigation menu, below the manager. There you can see which team is the highest bidder. (Important: You only see the team name, not the amount of the bid).

With the exception of the players and the stadium all items purchased by auction are running until the monthly billing on the 28th, no matter when you bought them. So if you acquire something, say, on the 23rd, please remember that it will be gone again on the 29th.

Most recent items:

The fitness coach
Keeps your players in top form every day. More information can be found in the system of the 3 "magical" assistant coaches.

The shaping coach
Keeps the shape of your players at the highest level every day. More information can be found in the system of the 3 "magical" assistant coaches.

The freshness coach
Keeps the freshness of your players at the highest level every day. More information can be found in the system of the 3 "magical" assistant coaches.

The motivation coach
Keeps your players at a motivation level of at least 125 motivation points.

The player with a strength of 11
The player with a strength of 11 (24 yrs. old, center) will be the star of your team, but only nearly. You can purchase his services once every day by auction. You can keep this player as long as he has a contractual agreement with you. Each team can only have one 11er player, and this does not interfere with the appreciation of a 9er player to a 12er player.

The IF-Dome
The new "Icefighter super stadium" with 150,000 seats offers your audience a whole new hockey feeling, and offers you a higher income.
If you own this item already, or don't have enough bucks in your savings account, the purchase via bankbook is disabled and you can only purchase it by auction.
The system of the 3 "magical" assistant coaches (the freshness, shaping and fitness coach)
Every day, with the daily accounting, between five and ten players from your squad get randomly selected, who will then get top value (shape, fitness or freshness, depending on the kind of coach you bought), but ONLY FOR THE FOLLOWING DAY. Which means that when you are in the possession of all 3 coaches, there is a chance that maybe you'll have, for 1 day, 10 players whose values won't fall.
The players who are looked after by the "magic" assistant coaches get a special mark in the player overview, so you can easily spot them.

Important: The number of players whose values don't fall changes from daily accounting to daily accounting and is determined completely at random.

» 4.4 stadium

Your stadium, next to your players, is your most important "tool"! You alone determine the size of your stadium, but remember: the bigger the arena, the more viewers, the more revenue, the more great players you can buy, the more victories you will achieve ... Got it?

Stadium Expansion
To expand your stadium, select the sub menu item "Stadium" from the menu item "Manager". There you'll find an overview of your current stadium situation. Under "Stadium - expansion" you can expand your stadium (in steps of 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000) with new standing room, seats and VIP boxes. To begin the expansion, click "Yes".

The moment you have all of the 5 ticket shops (see below), your first 5 league games are sold out every season.

Watch the state of your ice! At a mogul slope, your players can't excel. In addition, the risk of injury for your player is very high! Below "Your ice rink is currently in the following state" you will see the current state of your ice. To the right you have the opportunity to improve the state of your ice rink. Just click "Yes".

Note: If your ice is not restored after 5 days, you will be forced to renovate it for a million bucks. After all, your players shouldn't run the risk of breaking their legs on the mogul slope ...

The options that are available in the lower part of the menu stadium are important requirements for a full stadium and therefore necessary for high revenues from the audience and from selling your merchandise.

How will your audience get to the stadium? Not all of the spectators have a car or are able to use it. Take care that there are various transport connections available, such as bus, train etc. The more transport connections, the more visitors will come!

If the spectators do come by car, the vehicle must, of course, be well protected during the game. Or what would the owner of a car say to a large scratch on the hood of his new Mercedes? When people park their cars in your car parks you will of course rake in your parking fees. And a large number of parking spaces also increases the number of your spectators, thus increasing your revenue.

Accommodation facilities
For fans unable to get back home because they are too intoxicated you have to build accommodation facilities. Naturally, after they have been billed you'll get your part of the revenue from the guests you sent ...

Shops and snack bars
The alcohol also has to come from somewhere. Therefore, you can offer your fans drink stands and food stalls. These bring new revenue, because of course there is no free lunch for anyone.

Admission with ticket only! Therefore you need a ticket sale. This should be developed FIRST, because otherwise your stadium is GUARANTEED to stay empty! And you do not get the takings ... And in order to sell the merchandise you manufactured, a shop for fan items is indispensable ... You can't sell ANYTHING without a shop!

Who likes a stadium whose seats threaten to collapse or are dirty like hell? To help with this, you need a caretaker. And then there are guards, security and BGS to keep the peace. This will protect you against adverse events such as stadium vandalism. Now you've made your audience happy.
But what about your players? And above all things, what's with you?

There, too, are ways and means:

Training facilities
Offer your players places and facilities for training and relaxing, like a modern fitness center and a relaxing sauna. This really gets them going ...

How do you intend to get your players to the away games? By bike? You should rather put them in a bus - or on an airplane. The more comfortable they travel, the more motivated they are. This of course has enormous effect on the matches.

Many a sponsor pays a lot for good advertising! Decide for yourself how you intend to advertise. Simple advertising on the jerseys of your team, effective advertisements on the side fences or compelling video advertising?

Everyone likes a full view. Therefore, you can have up to four video screens in your stadium. Your fans will like it ...

TV rights
Put your team in the limelight! Imagine how motivated they are to be broadcast live from a major TV channel in all living rooms? And - to sell TV rights can bring in a lot of money!

» 4.5 Assistants

You are not only the manager, but the personnel manager as well. Employ staff able to support you and your team. Note that the employment contract is valid for one season only.

By employing a youth coach you create new perspectives for the future. In addition to the youth coach you get two top junior players "for free". Youth players may not yet participate in games, but as soon as they are of age, they can be very valuable for your team. They provide a cheap alternative to signing up new players.

Your girlfriend is mad because you no longer have time for her? As soon as you have hired an assistant coach, you can again take care of her. This coach knows exactly how to lead your team to victory in your absence. He trains them just like you determined (he does not establish any new training plans!) and changes the blocks in the game. He is active only as long as you remain passive.

In contrast to the "normal" assistant coach, the assistant coach light doesn't train your players. He only changes the blocks during a game. He is active only as long as you remain passive.

The World Cup is in 3 days? And your injured "center" will be up and running in 5 days only? Then you'll better get the team doctor. He reduces the downtime of your stars dramatically.

Have your players acted too "aggressively" again? Just in case, there's the legal department! They help shorten the off-time of your players enormously!

What, actually, are the usage values of the blocks of your next opponent? With the help of the spy you now have the opportunity to find out. Just click on the names of the teams, in the view of the game days, whose data you want to learn more about. There you will then find displayed the usage values of all blocks, the respective account balance, names of the managers and league name and position.

The legal expenses insurance supports you and your team in desperate legal issues and minimizes the chance that you get caught doping. For shorter off-times ...

The audience contingency insurance: Even the largest and most beautiful arena can't entice your fans to come? In this case, there is the audience contingency insurance. With this insurance, your stadium (and your cash box) is always full - guaranteed!

The casualty insurance is automatically activated in the "case of an accident" and gives you further support. After all, you never know ... With a casualty insurance, the risk of your players to get injured gets reduced automatically. And if a player gets injured nonetheless, this insurance will help him get fit again much quicker ...

Life insurance: Someone that well protected will be loath to leave! With this insurance your players will stay on board - at least 1 season, guaranteed *!
* If a player is 33 years old, he leaves your squad. Even if you have taken out life insurance.

» 4.6 Merchandising

Here you have the chance to produce various merchandising products to sell to your audience. If you do this cunningly, this is another secure source of income!

Before the manufacturing you can select the items you wish to sell. You have the choice between the qualities no name, normal and premium respectively. After you have placed the order, it takes between 2 and 5 days to produce the items. Once the products in your inventory are marked as manufactured, you can begin to sell them. The sales figures are dependent on various factors such as

- Number of games
- The success in the games
- Stadium size
- Number of merchandising shops in the stadium (very important!)

You can place new orders any time during the season, because the inventory is not reset to zero in the final seasonal settlement.

Produce items
In order to produce items, you have to enter the quantity (in thousands) for the desired items, select the quality you want by clicking on the hand, then clicking "Buy" and afterwards "Next".
For the ST (status) different colors are used to indicate the availability:

green = 2 days delivery
yellow = 3 days delivery
red = 5 days delivery

There you'll find all the items already produced that have not yet been sold (green check below Status), or are still in production (tools icon below status). Each with a description of the item, quality, quantity, unit price and total value.

Sold items
There you will find all items sold already in this season with date, item description, quality, quantity, unit price and total revenue.

» 4.7 Trophy Cabinet

In the trophy cabinet, all your trophies will be displayed that you have achieved during your career as a manager. All results are available from the semi-finals of the World Cup and the League (Playoffs) on, as well as your clan successes. Each with name of the game, position scored, league and season.

5. Results

» 5.1 Table

Here is the current chart of your league. This will give you an overview of your current status and level. Of course you can also spy on the charts of all other leagues. Simply select the league you are interested in in the league selection.

Prelim master / playoff master star system
There are little stars in the league chart for the 1st place in the prelim and the winner of the playoff. The stars have the following meanings:

Prelim master stars
A prelim master star is awarded to the team that, at the end of the prelim (after game day 11), has scored the 1st place in the chart. This team will receive a silver star that appears in the league chart. If a team is that successful in series, the stars can be extended to up to 5 silver stars. A defeat breaking the series means you have to begin again.

1 star = 100,000 bankbook bucks
2 stars = 200,000 bankbook bucks
3 stars = 500,000 bankbook bucks
4 stars = 1,000,000 bankbook bucks
5 stars = 2,000,000 bankbook bucks

Playoff master stars
A playoff master star gets awarded to the team winning the playoff games. The team gets a golden star that appears in the league chart. If a team is that successful in series, the stars can be extended to up to 5 gold stars. A defeat breaking the series means you have to begin again.

1 star = 250,000 bankbook bucks
2 stars = 500,000 bankbook bucks
3 stars = 1,000,000 bankbook bucks
4 stars = 2.5 million bankbook bucks
5 stars = 5 million bankbook bucks

To ensure your access to your team after the games again as quickly as possible the charts and game day calculations are "open". This means that you can see the charts immediately after the games, but they are not yet updated.

» 5.2 Game days

Here you will find all of your league matches of the current day. If you are interested in the matches of other leagues and/or other game days, you can simply select another league below "The league games" or another game day of the season below "Selection of game day". If you want to learn details about the course of a game, click on the details to the course of the game. In the game details all events, referring to the teams concerned and the respective players, are listed sorted by game minutes.

You can also watch the playoffs. For this, go to "Selection of game day" and choose between playoff top and playoff flop.

Playoff tops
The playoff top matches take place to determine the league champion. Only the first 8 of a league take part. Here the 1st plays against the 8th, the 2nd against the 7th, the 3rd against the 6th, etc. Each team plays against the opponents 5 times, and the playoff tops are played as "Best of Five". That is, to reach the semifinals, a team must have won at least 3 of the 5 games.

Playoff flops
The playoff flop matches are played to determine who gets the prize money of the "flop-round". Here the last 4 teams in a league play against each other. The 9th plays against the 12th and the 10th against the 11th. The playoff flops are played as "Best of Five" as well.

Even when you have won the first 3 games in the "Best of Five" mode, the 4th and 5th game take place nonetheless. That's positive for you, because that way you can create more revenue. Whether it's a home game or an away game, that is of no importance for the revenue. But it is important nevertheless, for your strategy!

You even have the opportunity to be sent the results immediately after the game via text message. Just click on the text message box behind the game. This service is only available for Premium Members.

» 5.3 1-to-1 Fights

You can invite or challenge a manager of your choice to a 1-to-1 fight (or be invited or challenged).

Click on "Create challenge." This opens a new window where you can select whether it should be a simple friendly match, or a game for bankbook bucks. If you choose the latter, it's for you to decide what amount of money will be the prize.
Decide by highlighting the game and selecting your opponent, a suitable game day and a password. You confirm this by "Create 1-to-1 fight", and your opponent is then immediately notified of your invitation and the password via internal message .

Now he only needs to accept - and the match is on!

The creation of such a fight sets you back 250,000 bucks; and your opponent has to pay the same amount.

The prize money amounts to 100,000 bucks, and the audience revenue is half of what you would earn in a regular league match.

If you play for bankbook bucks, they get deducted from the bankbook of the loser and transferred to the bankbook of the winner.
Max. one 1-to-1 fight per team per day is possible.

» 5.4 Clan

Within a clan league you have the opportunity to play with and against your friends. Clan leagues don't count for the regular season, they are more like friendly matches which will provide fun (and of course a few bucks).

Clan types
You can choose between 3 types of clan leagues:

- Runs over half a month, starting either at the 1st or 17th of each month (first round only)
- Starts at the 1st of each month and will run throughout the month (first round and second round)
- Identical with the league mode (first round and playoffs)

Join a clan league
To join an existing clan league, you have to apply to this clan. Just select the appropriate clan in the overview and click on-> "Apply to clan". Each participant must pay a non-recurrent participation fee of 25 million bucks to the organizer. This amount is payable only once, and you can stay in this clan for months without incurring further costs. Most participants in the clan leagues can be found in the forum as well. Just have a look ...

Launch a clan league
In order to start your own clan league, click on "Launch clan" and enter the clan name. The launching of a clan league will cost you 100 million bucks - non-recurring - and has several advantages. It brings you a lot of interesting features, and the guarantee that this clan remains in force unless you yourself close it down. So you may enjoy the clan for years, for only 100 million as a one-time fee.

Your clan will receive, from us, 10 million bucks every month. You can set the money up as prize money for the 3 leagues that exist within your clan.
In principle, anyone may open a league and sign up for any league, but he can only be registered at one league. The clan season is limited to 11 days or 22 days, and matches takes place every day at 21.15.

The 1st half takes place from the 1st of each month to the 11th, the 2nd half from the 17th - 27th.

The complete season lasts from the 1st to the 28th of each month, but there's a short break from the 12th to the 16th.

The deductions for each clan game are 10 points for freshness and 1 point each for shape and fitness.

Your features as a clan leader:

- 3 clan leagues, which you can set up individually
- 36 teams must join once only, and you can assign them to the leagues via radio button.
- It's for you to determine how many blocks are allowed to play in a league.
- You can determine the amount of the prize money deducted from the clan fund.
- You can collect a % membership fee, which is then debited from the accounts of your fellow members for the end of season billing. That way you can increase the prize money, because this money fills the clan funds.
- You can accept members by clicking a button, and you can just as easily dismiss them if they do not fit in your clan.
- At the start of the season you can set up your leagues any way you want, and you can define the upward climbers and the relegated teams yourself.
-You can appoint a deputy (or several deputies) by giving them the status of an admin for the members' overview. They can support or represent you in case you can't be present yourself.

Lots of exciting features, giving you complete freedom to launch a successful clan, which you and your friends can enjoy.

6. WorldCup

» 6.1 Qualifications

Not every team is automatically qualified for the World Cup.
For mathematical reasons, only 2² teams can participate in the World Cup. Depending on the total number of teams the WorldCup thus consists of 1024, 2048, etc. teams. If the total number of teams is not a power of 2, we will bring it down to a round figure. (Example: If there are 2000 teams, 1024 of them will play in the WorldCup. With 3000 teams 2048 will be playing in the WorldCup.) The World Cup will be played exclusively in the knockout procedure. Accordingly, only the winner of a game achieves the next round. Depending on the total number of teams there will be a minimum of 11 (1024 World Cup teams) and a maximum of 14 rounds (16384 WorldCup teams) to a world cup.
All the teams in the top 20 leagues and all premium members will automatically be qualified for the WC. The remaining teams will be divided according to their positions in their charts. If afterwards not enough teams are qualified, free tickets will be distributed at random.

Qualification chart
In the qualification chart, the best teams of the current season will be listed, which are qualified for the World Cup the following season at the moment (!). The final qualification chart only comes at the 28th of the current month. Until then, everything is open.

» 6.2 Game days

Here you will find all matches of the WCs of the current day. Your team is always put at the top, so that you don't have to search for it.

You even have the opportunity to get the results right after the game via text message! Just check the text message box behind the desired game. This feature is only for Premium Members, though.

» 6.3 World rankings

At Icefighter, there are 3 world rankings:

The current ranking - where the best active teams are listed. At the end of the season, the winner of the world ranking "scorers" gets the real IF-cup! He can keep the trophy, of course. But there is a small condition: we want a photo of the winner with the trophy, or a photo where we can see where the trophy has found its place. This photo will be published in the IF-portrait gallery.

The richest teams
The richest teams from the IF. Taken into account are: bankbook, account balance, stadium, squad, merchandising, market price.

The all-time best
The eternal rankings - there you will find the all-time best teams, even when they have been deleted meanwhile. This ranking will be updated within the end of season calculations.

The allocation of points for the first and third rankings remain a secret. Suffice it to reveal - even new teams have a chance to rise rapidly, as the number of points is set in relation to the active time with the IF. For fairness and fun!

7. Settings

Here you have the option to change your personal data and the data of your team or complete it.

Manager name
Each manager name can only be assigned once.

E-mail address and password
Your e-mail address and the password with which you log on.

Mobile phone
Here you can enter your current mobile phone number and be sent the game results via text message as a premium member.

Upload club logo
You can even upload your own club logo. Whether you have created it yourself, or use a real logo, of course, remains up to you. But only images in the GIF format with a maximum size of 60x60 pixels and 20kB can be uploaded. To upload a logo, click on "Browse" below the picture upload for your team. Now choose your image and confirm with "Open". Do you want to upload the selected image? Then click "Yes", otherwise click "No". For premium members only.

8. Live Match

The game dates you'll see in the schedule, the game plan!

If currently a match is being played, you'll get to the game by clicking the button at the top right in the menu for the game. Outside the seasons, this button is inactive.

As a premium member you can watch some live game sequences in top quality. As a "non-premium member" you see here, instead, only a static image.

Furthermore, the number of spectators is being shown and the current minute of the game, including the current score.

The number of spectators is determined as follows: During the first 5 games of a season the stadium is completely sold out, if you have all of the five ticket booths. From game day 6 on the audience depends on your success during the past 5 game days.
Then, on the left, you'll find an overview of the penalty bench and the current player list of your opponent, on the right side you'll see your own penalty bench, and your current block. In this screen you have the opportunity to move your blocks during the game. Just select the block in the pull-down menu.

If an opposing player is banished to the penalty bench, you have the opportunity to start a power play to create a more offensive game during the time until this player gets back on the ice. As soon as the player leaves the penalty bench again, the power play will be deactivated automatically. To activate a power play, just click on "Yes!" below power play - majority number play. Whether power play is on or off, you can see when looking at the green and red lights (activated = green light, disabled = red light) in the game sequences.

You can continue to influence the game by changing your tactics. Below "Change game tactics" you can choose between offensive, controlled (standard) and defensive.

You have an assistant coach, but want to take the game into your own hands?
Then disable him by removing the hook below assistant coach active.
To increase your chances for a goal, you will also have the opportunity to remove your goalkeeper from the ice from the 55th game minute on and instead use a field player from another block.

But beware: naturally, this also increases the risk of goals for your opponent!

Further down you will see all events that have occurred during the game, listed according to the game minutes they happened.

9. General Information

» 9.1 compatibility

Icefighter is optimized for all prevalent browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera).

» 9.2 Schedule

Season - daily routine: during the first 11 game days the normal league games take place. On odd days at 18.15, and on even days at 16.15. The playoffs (best of three) of a season will be played on the following days. A distinction is made between the playoff tops and the playoff flops. The first 8 of a league (top) thus "fight" for the title of league champion and the prizes for a victory in the league. The four last-placed (flop) compete for the awards for the winner of the flops. The World Cup starts in the 1024th round on the 8th calendar day.

Event overview

Calendar day and time league games
1 at 18.15
2 at 16.15
3 at 18.15
4 at 16.15
5 at 18.15
6 at 16.15
7 at 18.15
8 at 16.15
9 at 18.15
10 at 16.15
11 at 18.15

Calendar day and time playoff tops
14 at 18.15
15 at 18.15
16 at 18.15
17 at 18.15
18 at 18.15
19 at 18.15
20 at 18.15
21 at 18.15
22 at 18.15
23 at 18.15
24 at 18.15
25 at 18.15
26 at 18.15
27 at 18.15
28 at 18.15

Calendar day and time playoff flops
14 at 16.15
15 at 16.15
16 at 16.15
17 at 16.15
18 at 16.15
19 at 16.15
20 at 16.15
21 at 16.15
22 at 16.15
23 at 16.15

Calendar day and time WorldCup games
8 at 20.15
10 at 20.15
12 at 20.15
14 at 20.15
16 at 20.15
18 at 20.15
20 at 20.15
22 at 20.15
24 at 20.15
26 at 20.15
28 at 20.15

Calendar day and time clan games
1 at 21.15
2 at 21.15
3 at 21.15
4 at 21.15
5 at 21.15
6 at 21.15
7 at 21.15
8 at 21.15
9 at 21.15
10 at 21.15
11 at 21.15
17 at 21.15
18 at 21.15
19 at 21.15
20 at 21.15
21 at 21.15
22 at 21.15
23 at 21.15
24 at 21.15
25 at 21.15
26 at 21.15
27 at 21.15

Calendar day and time 1-to-1 fights
1 at 22.15
2 at 22.15
3 at 22.15
4 at 22.15
5 at 22.15
6 at 22.15
7 at 22.15
8 at 22.15
9 at 22.15
10 at 22.15
11 at 22.15
12 at 22.15
13 at 22.15
14 at 22.15
15 at 22.15
16 at 22.15
17 at 22.15
18 at 22.15
19 at 22.15
20 at 22.15
21 at 22.15
22 at 22.15
23 at 22.15
24 at 22.15
25 at 22.15
26 at 22.15
27 at 22.15

» 9.3 The league system (league divisions)

League 1 / division 1

League 2 / division 2
League 3 / division 2
League 4 / division 2

League 5 / division 3
League 6 / division 3
League 7 / division 3
League 8 / division 3
League 9 / division 3
League 10 / division 3
League 11 / division 3
League 12 / division 3
League 13 / division 3

League 14 / division 4
League 15 / division 4
League 16 / division 4
League 17 / division 4
League 18 / division 4
League 19 / division 4
League 20 / division 4
League 21 / division 4
League 22 / division 4
League 23 / division 4
League 24 / division 4
League 25 / division 4
League 26 / division 4
League 27 / division 4
League 28 / division 4
League 29 / division 4
League 30 / division 4
League 31 / division 4
League 32 / division 4
League 33 / division 4
League 34 / division 4
League 35 / division 4
League 36 / division 4
League 37 / division 4
League 38 / division 4
League 39 / division 4
League 40 / division 4

Example 1)
Team 11th IceFighter at the moment plays in league 9. At the end of the season the team becomes playoff top winner. For the season 03/2011 it will then play in league division 2 and, randomly, in one of the leagues 2, 3 or 4.

Example 2)
Team 11th IceFighter at the moment plays in league 9. At the end of the season the team gets position 7. For the season 03/2011 it will then play in league division 3 again and, randomly, in one of the leagues 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or 13.

Beispiel 3)
Team 11th IceFighter at the moment plays in league 9. At the end of the season the team is at the 12th position and doesn't win the playoff flops. For the season 03/2011 it will then play in league division 4 and, randomly, in one of the leagues 14 to 40.

» 9.4 The allocation of motivation points

With the beginning of May 2011, there are no longer any motivation points for goals scored or special performances. Instead, every player of the winning team gets them.

Division 1 = +3 motivation points/per player/per victory

Division 2 and 3 = +2 motivation points/per player/per victory

Division 4 and all other divisions = +1 motivation point/per player/per victory

Allocation for the WorldCup:
Division 1 = +1 motivation point/per player/per victory

Division 2 and 3 = +2 motivation points/per player/per victory

Division 4 and all other divisions = +3 motivation points/per player/per victory

» 9.5 End of season

Take this information to your heart and remember it well, because should you violate these requirements, your team will be deleted!

In addition, the division leagues are recalculated - according to the account balance, the bankbook account, stock value, shares portfolio and also the strength of the squad.

The winners of the playoffs and the clans will be rewarded with the according victory revenue in the end of season accounting:

Playoff tops:
1. place: 10 million bucks
2. place: 5 million bucks

Playoff flops:
1. place: 1 million Bucks
2. place: 500,000 Bucks

Place 1-3 will each receive an amount freely determined, if the necessary money exists in the clan fund.

1. place: 1 year premium membership
2. place: 6 months premium membership
3. place: 3 months premium membership
4. place: 12 million bankbook bucks

» 9.6 Appreciation and depreciation/devaluation

Your players are also assessed at the end of the season. Depending on their development during the last season, each player gets either added or deducted 1 strength point, or will remain unchanged. The upper limit of strength is currently at a skill level of 12. Here is the complete list of the values required in order for your players to get an appreciation or at least not to get a devaluation:

Requirements for an appreciation/upgrading of players to a playing strength of 4

Skill level (strength of play): 3
Motivation: at least 100
Freshness: 100
Condition, shape: 100
Form, fitness: 30
Contract period: at least 2 seasons

Max. 15 players can be upgraded!

Requirements for an appreciation/upgrading of players to a playing strength of 5

Skill level: 4
Motivation: at least 100
Freshness: 100
Condition: 100
Form: 30
Contract period: at least 2 seasons

Max. 15 players can be upgraded!

Requirements for an appreciation/upgrading of players to a playing strength of 6

Skill level: 5
Motivation: at least 100
Freshness: 100
Condition: 100
Form: 30
Contract period: at least 2 seasons

Max. 10 players can be upgraded!

Requirements for an appreciation/upgrading of players to a playing strength of 7

Skill level: 6
Motivation: at least 100
Freshness: 100
Condition: 100
Form: 30
Balance: at least 10 million bucks (without bankbook!)
Events: at least 10 positive events in the last season (without clan/1-to-1!)
Games: at least 10 successful (league or WC) games during the last season
Contract period: at least 3 seasons

Important: playoff matches are included in this valuation.

Max. 5 players can be upgraded!

Requirements for an appreciation/upgrading of players to a playing strength of 8

Skill level: 7
Motivation: at least 120
Freshness: 100
Condition: 100
Form: 30
Balance: at least 20 million bucks (without bankbook!)
Events: at least 10 positive events in the last season (without clan/1-to-1!)
Games: At least 10 successful (league or WC) games during the last season
Contract period: at least 3 seasons

Important: playoff matches are included in this valuation.

Max. 3 players can be upgraded!

Requirements for an appreciation/upgrading of players to a playing strength of 9

Skill level: 8
Motivation: at least 120
Freshness: 100
Condition: 100
Form: 30
Balance: at least 30 million bucks (without bankbook!)
Events: at least 10 positive events in the last season (without clan/1-to-1!)
must have played in the playoff tops games
Contract period: at least 3 seasons
Other: must not be suspended

Important: playoff matches are included in this valuation.

Max. 1 player can be upgraded to a 9er!

Requirements for an appreciation/upgrading of players to a playing strength of 12

Skill level: 9
Freshness: 100
Condition: 100
Form: 30
Motivation: greater than 130
Balance: at least 50 million bucks
Events: at least 15 positive events in the last season (without clan/1-to-1!)
must have played in the playoff tops games
Contract period: at least 3 seasons
Age: between 24 and 28 years old
Miscellaneous: There mustn't be a 10 or 12 player in the squad already!

Only 1 player can be upgraded to a 12!
But you should also note that if you have a 10er in the team (age 29-32, everything below is unmarketable) you should sell him before the end of season accounting, because during the evaluation appreciation and depreciation are done first, and only then the players aging/contract term reduction is carried out!

If neither of your players has a chance of such appreciation, you can buy a captain in the transfer market - he, however, only is a 10 in strength.

Youth players are not affected by these regulations, and will NOT be upgraded.

Conditions for a devaluation

Freshness: less than 50
Form (fitness): ± 15
Condition (shape): less than 50

Once even one of these criteria is met, the player's skill level gets reduced 1 point. 12er, 11er and 10er are relegated to 8s.

Also say goodbye, today, to all players who are 32 years old - they will now retire.

You should check the contract terms of your players before the end of season accounting! If a contract has expired, the player will move to another club - and without you getting any money for him!

All your players are set back to their starting values at the end of season (freshness: 55, form/fitness: 10, condition/shape: 40, motivation: 100).

» 9.7 player values

The usage value (EW) of a player is the value with which he steps on the ice. It is calculated from

1. the shape, condition (KO - max 100.)
2. the fitness, form (FOR - 30 max.)
3. the freshness (FR - max 100.)
4. the motivation (MO - open),
5. the playing strength (ST - 12 max.)
6. the player's age (AL - max 32)

A block only brings its full EW if it is set up to the optimum with defense, forward and center. And it's for you to figure out this optimum!

Player values abbreviations - maximum value

Conditional (shape) KO 100
Form (fitness) FO 30
Freshness FR 100
Motivation MO open
Playing strength (skill level) ST 12
Player age AL 32

» 9.8 value losses

Every game weakens your players enormously. Depending on your strategy and the course of the game, they lose up to 5 points for their form, 5 points for their condition and 50 points for their freshness.

Of course you have the option to get back the former values or even higher values by regular training.

In addition, the player recovers 1 freshness point per hour.

The maximum is 100 freshness and condition points and 30 form points.

Each activated block gets deductions after the game, regardless of whether it was used in the game or not.

The bonuses in the training camp can minimize these deductions after a game!

» 9.9 Premium Membership

The premium membership for 30 € is for 6 months and the premium membership for 50 € is for 1 year. During this time the following benefits and features are available to you:

Advantage: Every month you'll receive 12 million bankbook bucks
Description: Every start of the season money is flowing in: every month you get 12 million bankbook bucks for a quick and easy start.

Advantage: physiotherapist
Description: As a premium member your team has a physiotherapist, increasing the training values.

Advantage: Extended statistics
Description: You can watch the appreciation and devaluation statistics below "Home" and in your "Statistics". More facts and figures for the statistics fanatic. Which player is the best?

Advantage: Animated scenes
Description: As a premium member you can follow the live game with animated game scenes.

Advantage: Game details as text message
Description: From now on you're always up to date: You get all the scores via text message.

Advantage: WorldCup guarantee
Description: As a premium member it is always guaranteed that you take part in the World Cup.

Advantage: More players
Description: Premium members can have up to 75 players in their team.

Advantage: Player names
Description: Change the names of your players.

Advantage: Picture upload
Description: Use your own team logo and give your players a face you choose yourself.
The team logo is displayed in the chart and with luck even in the newspaper.

Advantage: 100% License guarantee
Description: No more risk of losing your license: as a premium member you will benefit from a 100% license guarantee.

All times are Europe/Berlin time.

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